Our Story

Before founding D&H Jewelers, we worked in the jewelry business for over nearly 40 combined years, and increasingly saw a need for more transparency. We started really questioning how the gemstones and metals made it to our store – who mined them, and who was selling them to us?

Our personal buying decisions are based on the impact we have on our community, and we wanted our business to embody this same principal. We opened D&H Sustainable Jewelers in January 2011 to make a change. We foster relationships with artisans and designers to ensure every piece is as unique and special as the person buying it. Our atmosphere is warm and personal because we don’t want to build a customer base; we want to grow a community. Our products are ethical because, yes, sustaining our environment is essential, but nothing is more important than how we treat our fellow human beings.

At D&H, we provide a timeless experience coupled with modern values and sensibilities. We hope you’ll visit us, sit at our wine bar, and enjoy being surrounded by exquisite, ethically-sourced jewelry.